"Special kudos to dialect coach Barbara Rubin who sets right the cast’s South African accents, one of the most difficult for American actors to negotiate."

- Dan Dwyer, The Berkshire Edge

"This story’s protagonist is left in a vacuum of desire, a 'desire that can never be fulfilled' due to the absence of her mother. And under the skillful direction of Barbara Rubin, this insatiable hunger for the truth, this desire for self knowledge, is mirrored in the constant activity of food preparation and cooking."

- Nicole Cardoni, Plays To See


"Mr. Robbins is Hally. Beginning with a fine South African accent, his performance brings out all the nuances in the character..."

- Charles Isherwood, The New York Times


"Barbara Rubin, the South African-born dialect coach, has helped the actors to inhabit their roles even more deeply than one would have thought possible."

- Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal


"How I Learned to Drive is steered by genius instincts and executed within the imperative of a crucial, contemporary sociopolitical vision....Emerging director Barbara Rubin's production simultaneously manages to encapsulate all the lilting, tacky entertainment value of a John Waters' film."

- Charles Blignaut, Mail & Guardian


"Rubin has once again announced her presence as one of the most exciting young directors to emerge on the professional stage."

- Charles Blignaut, Mail & Guardian


"Rubin's professional debut is probably the best thing that will happen to theatre in this country in a long time."

- Robert Greig, The Sunday Independent